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Put candidates at ease by offering more information about what they can expect while going through the application process.

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Give candidates video interview tips and receive their questions. This one way video interview tips template uses conditional logic to let you automatically give candidates just the info they need.



The first step introduces the application process and directs candidates to select from the multiple-choice options to learn more about each element of the process or to ask a question.



As candidates select to learn more about a part of the process, they move to another step with a video providing more info. They can then click on one of the remaining multiple-choice options to learn about the other areas, or to ask a question.



If candidates have questions, they'll move to a final step of the videoask with an open-ended answer where they can ask via video, audio, or text. Their questions will appear in your videoask inbox where you can view them and reply back.


Why should I use a video interview tips template?

This may be your candidate’s first experience with a one way video interview. Using the video interview tips template to share information and receive questions helps develop a rapport and make candidates feel comfortable.

What info should I provide about the one way video interview?

How can candidates ask questions?

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