Ben automated his sales funnel

Ben Barber uses VideoAsk to enhance sales funnels, engaging prospects as if face-to-face and converting them into satisfied clients.

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Video funnel your leads

Stop wasting valuable time and chasing expensive, non-responsive leads and start attracting prospects who are ready and excited to work with you!

By making video funnels that speak directly to his target audience, Ben can deliver a consistent presentation and qualify or disqualify leads automatically, saving him time and energy while increasing his conversion rate.

Save time and automate

Want to spend more time selling homes or recruiting agents? Ben uses VideoAsk to automate his entire business. This allows Ben to save time and provide an improved, consistent customer experience.

Ben automates everything from generating and converting leads, assigning partner referrals, and engaging with past clients to training his agents and more.

Recruit top agents

A video says a lot about a person. Try using VideoAsk to screen prospective agents, explain the role and responsibilities, introduce them to future teammates or even give them a tour of the office.

With asynchronous video, you can cut out the back and forth emailing, and hire better and faster.

Offer virtual tours

Let buyers explore the property room by room with a pre-recorded virtual tour using VideoAsk. They can get a taste for a property, all from the comfort of their own home.

If a buyer likes a property, let them schedule an in person meeting with one of our calendar integrations.

Top real estate features

Mobile apps

With our iOS and Android apps, you’ll never miss a beat. Get notified every time someone responds to your videoask and respond on-the-go. 

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Drop-off analysis

Master real estate with VideoAsk like Ben Barber.